PARADISE LOST - Tragic Idol (Clear Vinyl + CD)

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Band Paradise Lost
Genre Doom / Sludge, Goth / Electro / Industrial, Heavy metal
Releasedatum 8 sep. 2017
label Century Media

LP-A1 Solitary One
LP-A2 Crucify
LP-A3 Fear Of Impending Hell
LP-A4 Honesty In Death
LP-A5 Theories From Another World
LP-B1 In This We Dwell
LP-B2 To The Darkness
LP-B3 Tragic Idol
LP-B4 Worth Fighting For
LP-B5 The Glorious End

CD-1 Solitary One 4:08
CD-2 Crucify 4:08
CD-3 Fear Of Impending Hell 5:25
CD-4 Honesty In Death 4:07
CD-5 Theories From Another World 5:02
CD-6 In This We Dwell 3:54
CD-7 To The Darkness 5:10
CD-8 Tragic Idol 4:35
CD-9 Worth Fighting For 4:12
CD-10 The Glorious End 5:24

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