MOONSPELL - Lisboa Under The Spell

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Band Moonspell
Genre Black metal, Doom / Sludge, Goth / Electro / Industrial
Releasedatum 17 aug. 2018
label Napalm Records

Wolfheard Show
Side Wolf (A)
A1 Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
A2 Love Crimes
A3 Of Dream and Drama
A4 Lua D’inverno
A5 Trebaruna Side Heart (B)
B1 Vampiria
B2 An Erotic Alchemy
B3 Alma Mater Irreligious Show
Side Perverse (A)
A1 Perverse Almost Religious
A2 Opium
A3 Awake!
A4 For A Taste Of Eternity
A5 Ruin & Misery
A6 A Poisoned Gift
Side Religious (B)
B1 Raven Claws (Feat. Mariangela Demurtas)
B2 Mephisto
B3 Herr Spiegelmann
B4 Fullmoon Madness Extinct Show
Side Dying (A)
A1 All Gone From The Wild - La Baphomette (Intro)
A2 Breathe (Until We Are No more)
A3 Extinct (Feat. Carolina Torres)
A4 Medusalem
A5 Domina
Side Breed (B)
B1 The Last Of Us
B2 Malignia
B3 Funeral Bloom
B4 A Dying Breed
B5 The Future Is Dark

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