IMPLORE - Subjugate (Clear With Black Smoke Vinyl +CD)

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Band Implore
Genre Black metal, Death metal, Grindcore, Hardcore
Releasedatum 22 sep. 2017
label Century Media

LP-A1 Birth Of An Era
LP-A2 Loathe
LP-A3 Cursed Existence
LP-A4 Paradox
LP-A5 Disconnected From Ourselves
LP-A6 Totalitarian
LP-A7 Patterns To Follow
LP-B1 Ecocide
LP-B2 Technology A Justification For Killing
LP-B3 Cult Of El
LP-B4 Desolated Winds
LP-B5 Boundary
LP-B6 Untouchable Pyramid
LP-B7 Gazing Beyond

CD-1 Birth Of An Era
CD-2 Loathe
CD-3 Cursed Existence
CD-4 Paradox
CD-5 Disconnected From Ourselves
CD-6 Totalitarian
CD-7 Patterns To Follow
CD-8 Ecocide
CD-9 Technology A Justification For Killing
CD-10 Cult Of El
CD-11 Desolated Winds
CD-12 Boundary
CD-13 Untouchable Pyramid
CD-14 Gazing Beyond
CD-15 Manufactured Reality
CD-16 Victims Of The Hollowing

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