DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE - Death's Design: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Gold Transparent Vinyl)

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Genre Black metal
Releasedatum 1 dec. 2019
label Peaceville

st Movement
A1 Nerves In Rush
A2 Death Ascends - The Hunt [Part 1]
A3 You Can't Hide Forever
A4 Right On Time For Murder - The Hunt [Part 2]
2:nd Movement
A5 Conscious In No Materia
A6 A Different Plane
A7 Invisible To Us
A8 The One Who Hides A Face Inside
3:rd Movement
A9 ...And Don't Ever Listen To What It Says
A10 Revelation Of The Puzzle
A11 Human Prophecy
A12 Where The Suffering Leads
4:th Movement
A13 The Remains Of Galactic Expulsions
A14 With Panic In The Heart
A15 Out From The Dark
A16 Still Coming At You
A17 Out From A Deeper Dark
5:th Movement
A18 Spinning Back The Clocks
6:th Movement
A19 Soaring Over Dead Rooms
7:th Movement
A20 The Enemy Is The Earth
A21 Recall
A22 All Exits Blocked
A23 The Memory Is Weak
A24 Struck At Random/Outermost Fear
A25 Sparks Of Childhood Coming Back
8:th Movement
A26 Old People's Voodoo Seance
A27 Mary-Lee Goes Crazy
A28 Something Has Arrived
A29 Possession Of The Voodoo Party
9:th Movement
A30 Not Of Flesh, Not Of Blood
A31 Intact With A Human Psyche
A32 Keeping Faith
10:th Movement
B33 Someone Knows What Scares You
B34 A Bad Case Of Nerves
B35 The Inverted Dream/No Sleep In Peace
B36 Information
B37 Setting The Course
11:th Movement
B38 Ghost Inhabitants
B39 Fleeing From Town
B40 Overlooked Parts
12:th Movement
B41 A New Spark - Victory Theme [Part 1]
B42 Hope - Victory Theme [Part II]
B43 Family Portraits - Victory Theme [Part III]
13:th Movement
B44 Smoke Starts To Churn
B45 Hesitant Behaviour
B46 A Hurricane Of Rotten Air
14:th Movement
B47 Mastering The Clock
15:th Movement
B48 They Come, You Go
16:th Movement
B49 Haarad El Chamon
B50 The Egyptian Resort
B51 The Pyramid
B52 Frenzy Moods And Other Oddities
17:th Movement
B53 Still Part Of The Design - The Hunt [Part III]
B54 Definite Departure
18:th Movement
B55 Returning To Haarad El Chamon
B56 Life Eater
B57 The Pulze
B58 The Defiled Feeds
19:th Movement
B59 The River In Space
B60 A Soulflight Back To Life
20:th Movement
B61 Instant Rebirth - Alternate Ending

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