UNLEASHED - Eastern Blood - Hail To Poland

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Band Unleashed
Genre Death metal
Releasedatum 22 aug. 2011
label Animate Records

A1 Execute Them All 3:23
A2 The Immortals 4:12
A3 Revenge 3:32
A4 The Defender 3:03
A5 In The Name Of God 3:35
A6 Against The World 3:06
B1 Victims Of War 4:31
B2 Shadows In The Deep 4:54
B3 Before The Creation Of Time 3:57
B4 Berserk 1:55
B5 Into Glory Ride 3:33
C1 Dead Forever 3:06
C2 If They Had Eyes 3:43
C3 For They Shall Be Slain 3:18
C4 Unleashed 3:45
C5 The Immortals 4:35
D1 The Dark One 3:45
D2 Into Glory Ride 4:04
D3 Shadows In The Deep 4:59
D4 Violent Ecstasy 3:11
D5 Before The Creation Of Time 4:16

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