SAVAGE MESSIAH - Hands Of Fate (LP + CD)

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Band Savage Messiah
Genre Heavy metal
label Century Media

LP-A1 Hands Of Fate
LP-A2 Wing And A Prayer
LP-A3 Blood Red Road
LP-A4 Lay Down Your Arms
LP-A5 Solar Corona
LP-B1 Eat Your Heart Out
LP-B2 Fearless
LP-B3 The Last Confession
LP-B4 The Crucible
LP-B5 Out Of Time

CD-1 Hands Of Fate
CD-2 Wing And A Prayer
CD-3 Blood Red Road
CD-4 Lay Down Your Arms
CD-5 Solar Corona
CD-6 Eat Your Heart Out
CD-7 Fearless
CD-8 The Last Confession
CD-9 The Crucible
CD-10 Out Of Time

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