RIOT - Archives Volume 1: 1976-1981 (Siver Vinyl) + DVD

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Genre Hard rock, Heavy metal
Releasedatum 1 jan. 2018
label High Roller Records

A1 Lovin Comes Easy (Reale Speranza Feit Demo) 3:57
A2 Sweet Sweet Felicia (Reale Speranza Feit Demo) 4:12
A3 Come Back To Me (Reale Speranza Feit Demo) 4:05
A4 In Every Way (Reale Speranza Feit Demo) 5:43
B1 I'm A Marshall (Reale Speranza Feit Demo) 4:03
B2 Teaser (Reale Speranza Feit Demo) 3:54
B3 I Don't Love You Anymore (Reale Speranza Feit Demo) 3:16
B4 Back On The Non-Stop (Rough Mix) 4:13
B5 Waiting For The Taking (Rough Mix) 7:19
C1 49er (Rough Mix) 4:40
C2 Kick Down The Wall (Rough Mix) 5:03
C3 Narita (Rough Mix) 3:33
C4 Here We Come Again (Rough Mix) 4:30
D1 White Rock (Rough Mix) 2:40
D2 Back On The Non-Stop (Rough Mix Different Mix) 4:08
D3 Struck By Lightning 3:40
D5 One Step Closer 2:14
D6 Outlaw (Remixed + Edited) 3:16
DVD - Live In New Jersey 1981
1 Swords And Tequilla
2 Altar Of The King
3 No Lies
4 Fire Down Under
5a Rock City
5b Tokyo Rose
5c Rock City
6 Don‘t Bring Me Down
7 Kick Down The Wall
8 Don‘t Hold
9 Mark Reale - Guitar Solo
10 Outlaw
11 Road Racin
12 Warrior

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