VIOLATION WOUND - With Man In Charge

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Band Violation Wound
Genre Hardcore, Punk , Oi
Releasedatum 27 apr. 2018
label Peaceville

A1 Humanity Burning 1:21
A2 Vortex 1:04
A3 Fearmonger 0:58
A4 Dangerous Idiot 2:21
A5 Selling Your Soul For Damage Control 0:58
A6 State Of Alarm 1:03
A7 Ruining Everything That's In The Way 0:37
A8 God's Plan 2:41
A9 Smoke And Flames 1:56
A10 Stalemate Suicide 3:09
B1 Unhinged World 2:51
B2 Destroy The Factory 2:24
B3 Two Middle Fingers, Whiskey And Beer 1:25
B4 Don't Believe It 2:02
B5 Stoking The Fires Of Chaos 1:58
B6 Scratched Out 0:51
B7 Fuck It Up / Dumb It Down 0:37
B8 Twisted Up Inside 0:59
B9 Kicked In Tonight / VWIII 2:07
B10 With Man In Charge 2:48

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